Waterproof Swimming Dry Bag | HUT Swim Kit | Hi-Vis Green | 20L

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Waterproof Swimming Dry Bag | HUT Swim Kit | Hi-Vis Green | 20L

HUT Swim buoy dry bags and tow floats come in 3 hi-viz colours to keep you and your valuables safe in the open water. Just choose the size and colour that’s right for you!


Premium, Lightweight and Durable

The floats are strong and well made of nylon with PVC coating and the waist belt fits snugly around most waists. They also have carry straps that can be used on swim run races and to and from the car. They can withstand some tough open water conditions keeping your valuables safe and dry in any weather.

Safer Swimming

Be seen be safe! The extra bright, hi-viz colours make sure you swim safely in any conditions. It is a useful float when you need a rest, but should not be relied on as a safety device. You can use it for a quick rest or a chat with mates! It has an emergency whistle in case you get into danger. The swim buoy dry bag comes with 2 inflatable air chambers if one fails (highly unlikely) you’ll have a back-up.

Waterproof Storage

The 20L or 28L capacity swim buoy dry bags hold quite a few items from keys and phones to tops/ towels/ flip flops etc. The more stuff you put in the smaller the air compartments will be and vice versa!

Easy to Use

The waist strap is fully adjustable and fits easily around any size waist (comfortably to 48inches). The floats are easy to inflate/ deflate – use the one-way valve to blow up then undo the whole valve for rapid deflation. For the swim buoy dry bags: put in your items, roll over the top 3-4 times, secure the clip, then inflate both chambers. Too easy!

Great Value

We tested the floats in the lakes of North Wales (in harsh conditions) and they passed with flying colours! They are suitable for all ages/ sizes, adults and kids and all our swim buoys/tow floats provide excellent visibility.

The swim buoy dry bag is fantastic value because it provides excellent visibility and safe storage of valuables and even has handy carry handles. What’s not to like at this fabulous price point!

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